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EMDEX Digital provides the most comprehensive knowledge base of approved drugs available in Nigeria.

Our simple but powerful API makes it easy to integrate up-to-date pharmaceutical knowledge into your organisation and applications.



Powerful Search

Full or partial name search on brand, product, generic, ingredient or synonym name for fast and comprehensive results.


Search on over 5,000 brands and drug manufacturers including their associated products and product details.

Drug Ingredients

Over 15,000 drug summaries covering every drug approved by NAFDAC with associated RxNorm identifiers.


Details on over 8,000 drug products available covering every NAFDAC approved drug in Nigeria. Includes brand name, generics, manufacturer, dosage, dose form, route of administration, indications and pharmaceutical notes.

Drug Indications

Powerful two way drug-indication-drug search.

Drug Interactions

Comprehensive Drug Interaction checker containing severity levels, effects and recommendations for management.

E-Prescription Auto-complete search

Summaries of Brand names, Ingredients and dosages to drive your E-Prescription auto-complete menus.

EMDEX Digital Data

The complete EMDEX drug database is also available to power your software applications and product development pipelines. Get in touch with us now to discuss the various data licensing options available.

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